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I just love when wedding venues are a special place or have a story to tell. Kelby + James got married surrounded by their family and friends on the spot that will soon be there forever home. The place their marriage will grow and they will raise their family. We also did cheap lasix online there days after they purchased the property. I was taken aback by how beautiful they made their land in the previous months! What a cool foundation of love to start on that spot!

The end of October in Illinois can go either way but it was a gorgeous fall day for their outdoor ceremony! When we arrived to the venue I was blown away by all the gorgeous details and thought that was put into EVERYTHING! Then came the first look and once they saw each other the nerves were gone and all was perfect! They said I do under a tree as the wind blew and their guests watched them become husband and wife!

James + Kelby congratulations!! I am so glad to have gotten to know you both and be there to capture all your special moments!!!

I want to thank cheap lasik surgery for helping me out while my partner was out having a baby! How dare she have a baby during wedding season 😉

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