Alex + Sophia // Prairie Glass House Champaign Fall Outdoor Wedding

Before you read this you may want to grab a box of tissues, just saying 🙂

“For better or for worse, in sickness and in health”, “your wedding lasts a day, your marriage lasts a lifetime”…these are two things that kept playing in my mind throughout Alex + Sophia’s entire wedding day. As I watched them throughout the day I knew I was in the presence of a great love.

Sophia emailed me a couple months ago letting me know Alex had been in a horrific explosion at work and was in the hospital for an unknown amount 0f time. She said they were hopeful they could still move forward with the wedding with a few tweaks. As if they already hadn’t faced enough heartache, Alex was hospitalized just a few days before their big day. But nothing was going to stop these two from becoming husband and wife!

Despite all the curve balls being thrown their way (did I mention the power went off for 90 minutes during their reception!!) they had a beautiful emotion filled day. They chose the Prairie Glass House for their location and it was so unique and grand, definitely a place as unique as them! Every detail was coordinated perfectly, from their decor to the flash mob dance put on by Sophia’s dance girls.

Alex + Sophia, I wish you all the happiness you deserve and want to thank you for allowing me to witness and capture a part of your love story!!

One of my favorite first looks, EVER!!

I loved the different color dresses! 

All Sophia’s dance girls 🙂

Who needs power when there is cake?!

Everyone teamed up and turned car lights and cellphone lights on and the party continued!!

Since Alex wasn’t able to dance with his bride his son Owen stepped in and did an awesome job!

Flash mob time!! These girls did a freaking fantastic job!!!

A lantern send off was the perfect end to the night…


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