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When I started taking pictures of people (besides my daughter ;)) I became consumed with all things photography. I would stay up until 1-2am reading blogs and learning Photoshop. My husband still says the sounds of keys clicking while he fell asleep will always be etched in his mind 🙂 I had my camera with me at all times and would literally have 300 images from my daughter playing on her slide as I practiced.

While I was obsessing over reading all the photographers’ blogs who in my opinion were very successful I wondered to myself if I would ever be successful? Insecurities got the best of me and I quickly dismissed the thought of success coming my way. There was nothing special about me, I wasn’t good enough, driven enough, lucky enough, lived in the “right” area for success. So right off the bat I had it in my head I wouldn’t be successful, just at best mediocre.

As we all know life goes fast and before I knew it it was a few years later. I had a full shooting calendar and wasn’t taking anymore sessions for the year. I loved my clients and although I was overwhelmed with editing and the business side of things, I was happy. But I never ever thought of myself as successful.  I still looked at others as having the golden ticket and it just wasn’t in the cards for me.

Now here’s where I had it all wrong. I decided success based on someone else’s definition. I needed to determine what success looked like for my business, my family, for…ME. In my book, success in my business looks like booking XX amount of clients sessions at a rate that covers my time, equipment, business expenses, etc and allowed for more time with my family. Having clients whom I love seeing, and have become friends! Getting my editing down to a science to where I am now able to outsource and free up countless hours I used to spend in front of my computer and having a studio space where I can have newborn and indoor sessions. Let’s be honest you don’t run a business to not make money so for me success is making a profit that has allowed me to work part time at my nursing job and be home with my kids. So based on that criteria when I look back at my business a year ago, I was, gasp…successful. Yes, I was successful based on what determined success looks like for me and didn’t even realize it.

Fast forward to now and my success criteria has changed. So do I think I’m successful now? Nope! I have changed direction of where my focus is so I’m in a way starting over. I have so much growing and learning to do but I can’t wait! My season in life is different from a year ago therefore my expectations have changed and that’s ok! That’s how you grow and evolve as a person! I hope to be able to say in a year that I am running a successful business and my family and I are HAPPY because in the end, that’s all that matters!

So when you get down on yourself or the nasty comparison monster rears it’s ugly head, take a step back and evaluate where you are. If you aren’t happy, work towards making the changes (I know that’s easier said than done, trust me). ALWAYS remember that everyone is living their own life and following their own path. Take a step back and look at things, you just may be successful and not even realize it 🙂

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