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Well this is the easiest blog post I’ve ever written because well, I didn’t know write it! I thought it was past time for you all to get to know my wedding steady. She’s more than a second shooter, she’s my partner! We have exclusively shot our weddings together for over 4 years and we work together as nurses. So we know each other pretty well you could say 😉 I asked her to write a little something so everyone could get to know a little more about her! Let’s get right into it…meet Paige!

Hi! I’m Paige, or according to Angie, I’m the peanut butter to her jelly and the mac to her cheese (such a foodie that one is I tell ya)… I’m honestly shocked she just didn’t call me the icing on her cake.  Seriously brides, make sure there’s ALWAYS plenty of cake for this one 🙂  Angie asked me to take over her blog post for today so people could get to know the other half of what makes up the AJP wedding experience.  I begged her to write something up to make me sound much cooler than I am… clearly, we can see who won that battle.  So let’s see….I enjoy long walks on the beach, pretty sunsets…. Okay, but really I do!! Traveling is my happy place. I want to see as much of the world as I possibly can in my time here on earth (so if anyone out there has any must-see places for the bucket list, send ’em my way!) I literally get anxiety if I have a trip approaching and don’t already have another on the books. I’m sure there’s some sort of phrase for that – if there is. I have it!  I love Mexican food. And actually, I love Mexico too! Cancun anyone? I, like Angie, am married to my high school sweetheart. We will be married for 7 years this fall, together for 14. We have a little girl, who undoubtedly makes our days brighter, our hearts fuller, and our smiles just a little bigger. My husband is can-do-anything handyman and I’m a woman with a crazy imagination and big dreams. We’ve now successfully flipped 2 homes, and getting ready to start on a third. One is our current 100 year old craftsman farm home in the country where we currently reside.  I can’t imagine ever leaving here – but we will see where life’s adventures take us one day 🙂 I also, like Angie, am a registered nurse in our local neonatal intensive care unit, which is actually where our relationship first started.  I’d like to think that it was love at first sight ;). She like my husband is the quieter of the pair, but I think I won her over pretty quick! I love that I have two careers that I can genuinely call my passions. I hope that everyone out there can be so lucky to truly love the work they do and be passionate about it.

What is one word you’d use to describe yourself?
I can’t think of a word to describe myself, but I can think of one to NOT describe myself…and that would be shy.  I haven’t ever really met a stranger. I could talk to about anyone, about anything, at about anytime.  I haven’t figured out if this is a good or a bad thing yet.

What is your favorite lens?
My favorite lens, hands down, would be the 135mm. When I can use it. I do.  Unfortunately, at that focal length, it’s definitely not the most practical lens in my bag, but it is the most magical. And I love it. A lot.

What is your favorite part of a wedding day?
I have to pick just one?   I love when a bride gets to see her daddy for the first time all dressed in white.  I always try to predict the dad’s reactions.  When a dad tears up, it gets me ever darn time.   I also love the moment, just after a bride a groom are officially announced husband and wife. You can literally just watch the stress and anxiety melt from them in that moment, like “we did it!!!!”

What advice would you give to brides and grooms?
You’ve spent months and months preparing for this day, whatever happens happens at this point….and I can promise you that getting upset, letting yourself get angry and stressed isn’t going to make anything better. If the flowers show up the wrong shade of purple, or that crazy sister in law of yours forgot the bubbles at home, or the flower girl pulled her hair out – it doesn’t matter!  Smile, and move on.  At the end of the day you’ll still be married to your best friend and chance are, no one else has any idea that those aubergine flowers that showed up were supposed to be lilac.

Dream wedding location?
Ohhhh! Good one!!! Honestly, I love photographing in new places with different landscapes/structures/scenery than what I have in my immediate surrounding area. Part of what I love so much about travel is seeing something new, finding new challenges.  Give me light! Give me dimension! A little pop of color and I’m a happy lady!!  That being said, I’d never turn down a wedding in the mountains….or a beach 😉

Favorite type of session?
This is a tough one!! I love them all for different reasons and their different challenges.  I think I’d have to say birth photography may top the list. I love that there is nothing but raw emotion in the delivery room. I love getting to capture that when a new mom and dad meet their newest little for the very first time.  Capturing true love at first site never gets old. Plus, birth photography combines my careers… pretty neat if you ask me:)

How would you desribe the AJP team?
As mentioned before, before AJP was a team we were well acclimated to working together as a team.  As nurses, teamwork is probably one of the most integral parts of our job. We literally cannot do our jobs alone. We lean on each other, we rely on each other, we need each other, we know that while each of us may have a different job to do at different times one is not more important than the other as one does not work without the other.  That being said, I can say with 100% certainty that our ‘nursing’ mentality carries over seamlessly into our photography careers. In fact, one day, I think we just happened (like I said, true love).  We both push each other to try new things, we encourage one another, we support the others dreams – personally and professionally. Heck, our husbands even have little man crushes on one another.  On a wedding day, we both have very specific roles we are fulfilling and both of us have the exact same goal in mind – an outstanding experience for our couples and even better photographs for them to cherish years down the road.  We often feel like we’ve both made new friends in the process and many times continue capturing so many of life’s special moments years down the road!


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