Why You Should Make Time For Sunset Portraits

One of the most common questions or requests I get from brides is that they want those dreamy glowy golden images that fills their wedding Pinterest board. Those of course are my more favorite images as well! They are the pictures that I jump up and down and squeal  over while I’m shooting (just ask any of my brides if I got a little too excited during golden hour images ;)). Then comes the timeline and all the portrait time is at 1:00…wah, wah, wah. I always want to give my couple the images and experience they want and deserve but if the middle of the day is the only time we have for romantic portraits of the the two of them, those soft, dreamy images just aren’t possible. I know that may sound a little harsh but it’s all about the light. Just like you can’t get a well lit picture in a dark restaurant with candles glowing, you can’t get dreamy “golden hour” images in midday sun. 

As I go over a timeline with my couples we talk about how important their portrait time is. What are the images you will hang on your walls for decades, the image you’ll use on your thank you card, or first Christmas card as a married couple…it’s the ones from the romantic portrait time we get. 

What does all this mean for a timeline? Well that depends on a variety of things, most importantly what time the sun sets. One of the easiest and most common set ups I recommend is a first look before the ceremony and then do all of the family and bridal party images and some of the bride and groom. Then after the ceremony or while your guests are eating, we can sneak away with just the bride and groom for maybe 10-15 minutes tops and do some gorgeous golden hour portraits!! It’s a win-win for everyone and BAM you have the beautiful dreamy glowy images you pinned the heck out of! I hope this helps some as you are planning your BIG day!!

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