My Favorite Podcasts

About a year ago I became obsessed with Podcasts. I have never been a fan of listening to the radio while I’m in the car (weird I know) but as a mom my drives to and from work, errands, etc became my alone time. I’m not a books on audio kind of gal so I thought maybe I’d listen to a Podcast. I had no clue how HUGE the world of Podcasts was!!! I started looked around and found a few I liked and over the last year I’ve listened to a lot and have some favorites that are on automatic download because I listen to everyone of them! So here is a list of my favorites from home design, healthy eating/living, ethics, photography, business and just plain entertainment. So let’s dive in!

Goal Digger by Jenna Kutcher

All hail to the business savvy Jenna Kutcher! This chick has been an unbelievable resource as I grow my business! Her podcast is fairly new, just launching in January, but it has quickly soared to the top of the iTunes business charts! And for good reason, girl knows what she’s talking about!  This has turned into a biweekly podcast and I can’t wait until new episodes drop!












Beauty Inside Out by Kimberly Snyder

Kimberly Syder is the author of the Beauty Detox series of books. She is a Clinical Nutritionist focusing on plant based nutrition and I’ve learned so much from her! Great resource for healing our bodies from the inside out.












Chris Loves Julia

This is husband/wife home design, DIY, blogger team. Their house is stunning and they’ve renovated it all themselves. They have SO many handy tips for home decor enthusiasts and DIYers. Because what hubby doesn’t need more added to his honey-do-list 😉













This is pure entertainment but trust me, once you start listening you won’t be able to stop!! It’s been top on the iTunes charts for a reason!












Rich Roll

This is quickly becoming an all around favorite for me. He says he talks with “the outliers, paradigm shifting, big forward thinkers across all categories of POSITIVE culture change, health, fitness, nutrition, academia, tech, consciousness, spirituality” and this is absolutely the perfect discription. He covers so so much! After I finish an episode I feel excited and educated on whatever topic I listened to. Definitely a MUST to subscribe to!












Earth To Us

This podcast is multifaceted. It talks about everything from positive parenting, how to chemical proof your home, our impact on the plant, ethical issues, dealing with grief, traveling and so much more!












The Bearded Tog 

This is my most recent addition to my favorites list. It is a photography podcast and I’m really enjoying it! I’ve listened to a handful of them and have put it on automatic download because I’ve liked them so much!












If you have any favorite Podcasts let me know in the comments, I’m always looking for new ones!!



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