Weddings 101 // Bridal Details, What to Bring

What bridal details to gather and bring the bridal suite, is a conversation I have with my brides a few weeks before their wedding day and they often tell me it’s not something they even thought about. These items are such a big part of your day and I want to be able to photograph them so you can remember all this little things that went into making your wedding personal! Anything that is personal to your day is important to bring but there are some standard things that I recommend all brides bring. 

Invitation suite. Every piece of it is important so anything that went in that envelope you sent to your guests, bring.

Rings. Both wedding bands and your engagement ring.

Jewelry. Anything you will wear.

Shoes. Enough said 🙂

Veil and hairpiece. Sometimes it isn’t possible to have these in the bridal room beforehand because they may be with you getting your hair done if that is not on location. 

Perfume. You will always want to remember the scent you wore on your wedding day.

Garter. This is also very commonly a bride’s something blue

Heirloom pieces. This can include things like grandma’s pearls, mom’s hairpiece, etc.

Bridesmaid dresses. Ideally they should all be there but definitely at least one needs to be.

Flowers. Your bouquet is the most important. It is a great idea to ask your florist to bring a few loose florals that were left over for me to use in the images. They often will do that at no charge.

When I arrive for the day details are the first thing I photograph so I recommend these items be at your getting ready location. Some brides may still be at the salon so having someone take the items or leaving them there the night before is helpful. I can often get the details shots done before the bride arrives! I love help educating brides so hopefully it takes a little stress away from the day!!



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