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When I come across something I love or that makes my life easier I love to share it with my friends and family! Sharing is caring right 🙂 We are all busy, whether it be work, kids, hobbies, etc, it’s always something. But that doesn’t mean our health should take a hit. Today I want to share three companies that keep our household chemical free and good food coming our way! Which also means we aren’t inhaling or touching nasty chemicals in our home that are known to be harmful. All of these come to your doorstep, yay!!!! I don’t know about you but less trips to the store means more time with my family  and also helps my wallets since I’m not doing as many Target trips 😉 Let’s get started!

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We have belonged to this fantastic site for over two years and we love it! It is a online grocery store and it all organic and GMO free. There is a yearly fee, kind of like Sam’s Club but it more than pays for itself! You save on average 30-40% off already cheap Amazon prices! They have pretty much every pantry item you could want, spaghetti, canned goods, cereal, spices and the list goes on! I get almost all of our nonperishable items from them! They show you normal retail price for the item so it’s great to see how much you are saving. There is also a user friendly app where you can favorite all your frequently purchased items which makes it even easier! And shipping is FREE over $49 and lets be real, who doesn’t spend that at the store?! Here’s an awesome added bonus, for every paid membership they donate a membership to a family in need! If you are interested, comment or shoot me an cheap lasix for dogs and I can send you a link for 15% off your first order.

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This is also a site we have belonged to for many years. Everyone has heard of The Honest Company and for good reason! All of their items are chemical free and gentle for the whole family. When my son was in diapers he exclusively wore their diapers and I loved them!! They have great baby bundles to choose from if you’re in that stage of life! We have always done and Everyday Essentials Bundle. You can choose any 5 everyday items to have shipped to you at a frequency you pick (and can change this whenever) for $35 ($41 with tax and shipping). Some of our typically bundle items are dishwasher detergent, laundry soap, hand soap, wet wipes, bathroom cleaner, hand sanitizer, sunscreen in the summer, etc. You can also add things like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, stain remover, vitamins and LOTS more! They also have a handy dandy app that I use. When you think how much laundry or dishwasher soap costs this is such a deal and again it comes right to your door. Score!!

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This is a company that is less known to the masses and is our newest membership. It is organic, vegan hair and skin care. We get all our shampoo, condition, body wash, lotion and hand soaps from here. It is also a monthly autoship. This one is a little more pricy than your everyday Suave shampoo and dial soap but it is also SO much better for you! It is made of fair trade plants, that’s it, no chemicals, fillers, NADA! For my family that is important because we all have very sensitive skin and these work amazing! I don’t believe you can set shipment other than monthly but you can skip months which we do about every other month. You also accumulate points which add up quickly and I’ve already got two shipments FREE in the 10 months we’ve been members! They really are a wonderful company trying to help others and the planet!

I hope you try these options to help simply your life, make less trips to the store, have less chemicals and save money! If you know of any things like this I’m missing out on or you already love any of these companies, let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear!!

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