Weddings 101 // Why You Need Natural Light

I’m excited to share this post because this small change can make a HUGE impact on your wedding images. We’ve all seem pictures that look orange, dark or have the dreaded raccoon eyes from the tungsten lighting indoors. Let’s be honest that type of lighting isn’t flattering on anyone! Now think about if your standing in front of a window and someone is standing in front of you FACING the window (go ahead go try it ;)). They look good right?! Their skin looks even, their eyes have a sparkle to them and definitely no raccoon eyes! That my friends is the beauty of natural light!

Natural light is important throughout the entire wedding day but it is very important during the getting ready time. As photographers we can control what lighting situations we place the bride and groom in the rest of the day but the getting ready location is usually decided before we arrive. As a bride you of course want flattering images of you and your girls, mom, aunts, etc getting ready for the day and natural light is crucial for that. When trying to decide where you will get ready it really is simple, find a room that has ample natural light (windows) and also neutral and light colored walls. You’re makeup artist will also appreciate the natural light, win/win! Try to remove any big distractions from the walls and BAM you have the perfect set up for gorgeous images! We will do most of the pictures in that room, including getting in your dress. Don’t worry if the room isn’t large enough to have all your girls around you, we can always move outside for the final steps! I hope this helps when deciding where to get ready!


The window location is obvious in the left image. In the right image the window is to her right which makes gorgeous shadows and highlights!

Sometimes outside makes the perfect place!


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