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Part 2 of our year in review is here! I know you’re all dying to see it 😉 I was really looking forward to summer 2016, not only is it my favorite season but it would be my first summer having Mady home after kindergarten! Mason was old enough for us to start going on more vacations and as much as I like the quiet time he was taking less and less naps. So that means more pool time and less time being tied down to nap time!!

We spent time on Uncle Craig’s boat and of course Mase thought he was the captain! Pool days with friends were a staple throughout the summer! She’s a fair rat just like her momma used to be! This girl has been a HUGE Broseph E Lee fan for quite a while. She’s knows all their names, who’s related to whom, who wrote what songs, total super fan. Anytime she can get to a concert she tries and they now know their littlest fan and always make an effort to talk to her. These are some talented class act guys!  Girlfriend had her first “fair hangover” after getting home at midnight lol!! How she spent the next day 🙂 When did my babies get so big?! Sometimes they don’t kill each other……… …and other times they try to. Typical day, no pants, toy room a mess, them fighting, her crying. It’s not all roses and kittens around here.  This was one of the scariest nights of my life. It was a swim in movie night at our pool, the kids were excited and had a blast! About 10:30 the movie was wrapping up and we were cleaning up the mess and corralling kids. Eric and I both thought the other had Mason and then he was just gone. Instant panic, it was dark, tons of people and at a pool without his floaties because we put on dry clothes and were leaving. We have amazing friends who dove into the pool and got everyone up to look for him. It was the longest, scariest, worst 6-8 minutes of my life. Finally hearing Eric scream “Angie I’ve got him!!” was the greatest four words I’ve ever heard! Little man was newly potty trained and he just had to go potty and with the movie and all the noise he said we didn’t hear when he said he had to go so he just went and was found roaming around the locker room.

We are great parents, in fact I’m a total helicopter mom and we lost our child. All it took was a split second and not great communication between parents and he was gone. So please when you hear things on the news and jump to judge those parents, remember it can happen to anyone, anywhere. If you’ve ever been around a vivacious 2 year old boy you know this without a doubt 🙂 Thankfully our night ended with our boy in our arms and a huge lesson learned!
These two have such a strong bond! Mady and Papa.  Summer time camps! This garden never stops! Little sh*t pulled a chair into the laundry room, climbed up on the washer to see the tractors in the field outside, all while in his skivvies. First time at the Drive In We love America! Especially when we can watch fireworks in our pjs! Off on a little weekend adventure to the beaches of pure Michigan. I promise he was happy 🙂 One of our favorite parts of summer is the Farmers’ Market! Big boy bed status and the cutest little tushie!  No place I’d rather be than snuggled with these two.  A friend’s spa birthday party!
And we’re off…to spend a week on the white sandy beaches of the Gulf of Mexico! There are WAY too many pics to share here so that will need it’s own post.  His first look at the ocean.  Went crab hunting in the dark and we decided we better never run into the crab whose pincer that belonged to, eek! A beautiful day at Lincoln’s New Salem
Happy Birthday Mady!

First day of 1st grade!Mason is 3 and I’m pretty sure based on that face he loves his gift 🙂 #thejacksongarden keeps on giving My first attempt at a vegan birthday cake was a huge hit! Spa party #2 Cheer game with her buds. Homecoming parade! I spent a few days in Arizona at the AJ Workshop learning so much! You can check out the BTS post about it cheap lasix online Little brother tag along at sis’s field trip.  Disney on Ice and that garden that just won’t stop!
Oh there is a story behind this crane costume he won’t soon outlive. He had been asking to be a crane for Halloween since August and as you can imagine that’s not on the hot costume list. So the good ‘ol internet helped and we made him a crane. He looked mighty cute and Halloween came and he freaked out and refused to wear it :-/ Thankfully I had stuff to throw together a quick farmer get up. He’s lucky he’s cute 😉Riding to the park to meet friends…in shorts…in NOVEMBER!Annual trip the the Festival of Trees You guys this pic is HUGE!!! Mason is petrified of Santa, it took weeks of preparing and talking up the big guy and he did it without screaming this year!! It only lasted literally for two seconds to snap a pic and he wanted down but still, baby steps! Holiday concert time for these two, buds since preschool!
How we stay warm, fires and hot chocolate.
Merry Christmas! Christmas through they eyes of your children is the best feeling!

Ending 2016 bowling with great friends! 

Thanks for joining me on our family’s year in pictures! I hope your year was filled with happy times and wonderful memories with many more to come in 2017!!

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