Ask Angie // What Camera Should I Get?

“I want to take good pictures, what camera should I get?” I get this question ALL the time and to be honest it’s a question that makes photographers cringe. You wouldn’t get a fancy knife set and Le Creuset pans and expect to make gourmet meals if you can’t cook. It’s the same with a camera. A camera does not make a good picture, the photographer makes a good picture. Yes there are cameras that are going to offer better image quality but what most people want, the crispness, the blurred background, the bright subject…that can happen with any DSLR. If you want to get a entry level DSLR camera that’s wonderful but to use it at it’s full potential and get it off Auto, learn how to use it! Ok, off my soapbox now 😉

Disclaimer, I am a Canon shooter so that is the brand I am familiar with and will recommend. There are Nikon equivalents that are just as good. I choose Canon not because of the camera body but because of Canon’s spectacular glass (aka lenses). Canon lenses fit any Canon DSLR body so my lenses will work with whatever body I have.

A fantastic entry level DSLR is a Canon Rebel T5i. It comes with a kit lens that is fine for snapping pictures in Auto. But, if you really want to learn to use you camera in manual I would absolutely purchase a 50mm 1.8f lenses. You will be able to get that blurred background (bokeh) and shoot in darker places without flash. Flash is not your friend, period! If you have already mastered your Rebel and want to upgrade shoot me an email and we can chat about your next step!

If Santa brought you a shiny new DSLR for Christmas and you don’t have a clue what all those buttons do, I offer mentoring on how to learn to use your DSLR in Manual mode. Shoot me an email so we can chat!


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