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Another year is coming to an end and I love looking back on what the year had in store for us. It really makes me realize how lucky and blessed we are to have wonderful family and friends surrounding us!!! Brace yourselves because this is going to be a loooooong post and it’s only half the year lol!! So here is our year in photos, the good, the bad and the ugly. Happy New Year friends!!! Most of these are iPhone pics because let’s be real, it’s easy and always around 😉

Back to school after a long winter’s nap…Mason’s first sleep over as a big boy! So excited!
Poor buddy has suffered from severe eczema almost his entire life (it looks good in this pic). This is the beginning of lots of doctor visits, blood draws and skin biopsies. Nothing worked and it forced me to research alternative and natural ways to cure him. This is when we started eating a plant based diet to heal my poor boy!
Family weekend away to the Lou!
Sky Zone was clearly a hit since I never got a pic without movement. Big camera probably would have came in handy :-/
Magic House! They were thrilled with the Ikea stop lol! 2016 brought my beloved Instant Pot. If you don’t have one, GO GET YA ONE!!!

Tried my hand at calligraphy, definitely not my strong suit.

Because what else are boxes for and it entertained them for daaaaaays!

I recently discovered my love for indoor plants and thought I’d start with a baby fiddle leaf fig and see if I could keep it alive before I got the big momma. This could end bad….

Pullling 75lbs of kids in 30mph wind to the park, daddy may not walk tomorrow!

I promised a picnic, it rained, aka picnic happened inside because these kids remember every promise you make to them lol!

Face painting at a friend’s birthday party.

That weird, ugly stage where he won’t nap at home but falls asleep every day at school pick up and I carry him in and this is how he stays.

Monday mornings at 5:45 are rough huh buddy.

Paint nite because sometimes I shower and put make up on all in the same day!!

A rare 70 degree February day, we’ll take it!

Construction across the street means loads of fun!

The rare occasion they play nicely together so I document it 😉

Putting their Easter goods in their piggy banks.

We found 6 babies bunnies scattered in our backyard. Those boogers better stay out of my garden! Mother’s Day with my crew!School out early means a picnic in the parkSpring concert with her BFFMeeting and making new friendsMy tractor, truck, anything motorized loving boy was in heaven!A rare date night. I don’t make new year resolutions but we agreed we need to make more time for date nights in 2017!Mr Independent when it’s something he wants. Moving into a new house means lots of Lowe’s trips, ugh!No other concert I’d rather have first row seats to. And the hubs surprised me with the big fiddle! I’m quite nervous I’m going to kill it…stay tuned.Back at it! Saturday soccer here we come.Cousins! Nothing like a gorgeous Saturday morning watching cartoons on the deck!

It’s a good weekend when this one naps I was so crazy excited to have my first garden. My helper was pretty cute so that made it even better! #thejacksongarden Gotta love Midwest weather and yes I was crapping my pants about right now.A pogo stick and all I can think is that she’s going to know another tooth out #freakedoutmomLunch surprise at school with our favorite kindergartener. Field trip to the zoo with a little tag a long brother. All boy this one

I found a new dog walker in 2016. I think I’m crushing on him.First and last day of kindergarten!Last day of kindergarten here she comes!

We hit the teacher jackpot this year and are so very grateful for her! They were both tearful to say goodbye. Her teacher told me that if Mady was an adult she’s pretty sure they would be best friends 🙂


It takes a village

First day of summer break, woohoo!!!

This is Mason’s leg a few months apart. Adopting a plant based diet completely healed his eczema!

We spent Memorial Day honoring my grandpa. We miss him so much!

Grow baby grow #thejacksongarden

If you made it this far, props to you! I love sharing parts of my life because I feel like I become a part of my clients’ lives and I love watching their families grow!! Second half of our year coming soon! It’s filled with summer fun, vacations, Halloween and all kids of antics in between!

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