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Meet Maren, man did she have it easy with her newborn session. Three years ago when we did her brother’s newborn session his parents brought along his daddy’s motorcycle helmet to use as a prop. So we stuffed poor baby Ryder (don’t worry he was perfectly fine and never even woke up) into that helmet! Fastfordward to his sister’s newborn session and Ryder breaks his arm the day before! Really, I’m not making this stuff up! This little guy is one tough dude and you would never have known!!

Sweet Maren defintely gave me a run for my money and girl already has her “I’m gonna get my way” look down. All women perfect it at some point, right?! 😉 But in the end she is still a perfect little angel who just became the newest addition to this already awesome family! I’m sure she’ll fit in just fine!

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