Amy & Jordan Workshop

When the blog was finally done I knew this would be one of the first posts I shared because it was a GAME CHANGER! Back in October my friend Jill and I flew to Arizona to attend the #ajworkshop by two of the industry’s leading wedding photographers, Amy & Jordan Demos. When I made the decision earlier in the year to go all in with weddings I knew I needed education and I immediately knew who I wanted to learn from. I had stalked followed their blog for a while and had seen Snaps and Instastories from previous workshops and fell hard for these two and what they stood for! So I did the only logical thing 😉 and checked their website, instagram, snapchat and newsletter daily to see if they were going to open another 2016 workshop. I got lucky and happened to see on Snapchat that they were going to open one in October!! See wasting time on social media isn’t always a total waste of time 🙂

Once we got to Arizona and checked into our colorful and adorable hotel, we headed off to the welcome party. We totally arrived in style in a….GOLF CART!! They run them like taxis all over Scottsdale and it was the coolest thing! When we arrived we were immediately welcomed with open arms (literally, they are huggers!). We had the best time getting to know other photographers from all over the country and relax before the madness began!

Then it was off to get rested for day 1! Our hotel offered PINK cruiser bikes so we decided to venture out a bit before class the first morning and ride around. Old Town Scottsdale is the neatest place and I can’t wait to go back! Day 1 included 12+ hours of intense learning followed by a style shoot, which I can’t wait to share!! In true Arizona fashion we all loaded up and headed to the desert to shoot our bride and groom. I had this very different idea in my mind of what the desert was going to look like and it wasn’t even close…MIND BLOWN!!! I absolutely loved every inch of it!! It was the perfect evening filled with learning and that gorgeous desert glow! Then back to learn more info once it got dark.

Day 2 was all about business and this day really left my head spinning. This side of things is what I was most excited to learn about! Amy also did headshots of each of us! Being in front of the camera is HARD!! I can’t say enough good things about Amy and Jordan, they were an open book and the learning never stopped! Even during breaks and lunch they would sit with us and do Q&As. Once we were kicked out of the conference center for the night they stayed down in the park and talked with us until after midnight!! That sure hurt the next morning with a 4am alarm to the airport, ouch!

It was such a whirlwind few days and I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn from these two and meet 16 other amazing photographers from across the country!! I’m ready and excited to start implementing all the “plays” they taught us!

The images are a mix of camera and cell phone 🙂 2016-12-01_00012016-12-01_00042016-12-01_00032016-12-02_0008 2016-12-02_0009photo-10-10-16-9-51-48-am2016-12-02_0001 2016-12-02_0002Learning all about the Expodisc!2016-12-02_0003 2016-12-02_0004Jordan was being the saguaro cactus to demonstrate LIGHT. Just an FYI saguaro is not pronounced how it is spelled. Us midwesterners learned that pretty quick 😉2016-12-02_0005

2016-12-02_0006Shooting in the desert was a DREAM!!
2016-12-02_0010 2016-12-02_0011
Instastory ALLLLL day!!
Oh these gorgeous mountains!
2016-12-02_0013 2016-12-02_0014 2016-12-02_0015 2016-12-02_0016 2016-12-02_0017 2016-12-02_0019 2016-12-02_0021
One of the attendees was a pro hooper (who knew that existed?!) Jordan was learning some moves.
2016-12-02_00252016-12-02_0024 2016-12-02_00072016-12-02_00262016-12-02_0027
Until next time Arizona…


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